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It's not just a name, it's a fact.     
For the love of the four legged friends we adore and those who need to be given a second chance for a good life.
We are now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 
Your donations are tax-deductible. 

Watch for big changes within the rescue.

ALL Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.

is hosting the

2014 ALL Creatures Gala

 Sat. Sept. 13, 2014 at 7:00pm

Fishers American Legion Banquet Room

9091 E. 126th. St., Fishers, IN

*Age 18 and over, semi-formal/business attire*


Deadline to purchase: Wed. Sept. 10, 2014

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Catered by:

Featured comedians:

 Otto the Comic & Gerry Gobel   


With Emcee Janette Perez

Bethany "Buffy" Phyne from Pet Pals TV is our Gala Emcee!

Visit the silent auction tables & bid on great items!
  • Colts Tickets
  • Week stay in FL condo
  • Cincinnati Reds Tickets
  • Spa package
  • Beauty package
  • and many more!

Close out the evening with Music & Dancing with DJ Dee Frash

get your tickets now as seating is limited


For tickets click here:
(You can pay by PayPal or to pay by debit/credit card, click bottom right)
Ticket Prices

See puppies under the Watch Me Grow tabALL Creatures Matter Rescue is here to help animals in need and ensure they get the care they deserve. Currently we are a small breed rescue but will take in larger dogs if fosters are available.  We then place them with carefully screened, loving families. There are many animals in the world without homes and millions are killed every year! This is unacceptable. ACM takes in as many dogs as possible who are either on "death row", from puppy mills or relinquished by their owners. They will be housed in a home where they will get individualized attention and care until they are adopted.  ACM plans to open a sanctuary where ALL types of animals can live out their lives in safety.  With limited funds and space, we've started with dogs, but soon ACM will be saving dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, etc. 

The welfare of these animals is of the utmost importance, therefore, an application and references will be required for adoption.  They will be spayed or neutered, given all shots, micro-chipped, dewormed  and tested for heartworm disease before leaving the rescue. In addition, we provide any needed medical attention the animal might require regardless of the costs. No animal will ever be euthanized in this rescue over money or inconvenience!

ACM exists to save the lives of animals in need and depends upon donations, adoptions, and volunteers to exist. We hope you take the time to look at our animals and make a donation of some kind to help those in need

Simply complete the application and email back to angie@allcreaturesmatter.org

This rescue is growing and we have BIG plans.  Volunteers are needed to take leadership roles, to help with marketing, procurement committee, grant writing, bookkeeping, assist with Gala planning and building the rescue center.

We will also need more board members in the very near future. 

I have created a group where we can collaberate and get started on the Gala.  If you want to join, please go here:

A Sanctuary in the Making

We are looking at property out in the country to open a rescue center/sanctuary.
We will need to secure the land and build a heated barn to house the animals. 
All of this will cost a great deal of money and we need help from supporters like

  Plans for income to sustain the animals and property:
  1. Massive fundraising effort to raise enough money to initially secure the property
  2. Public tours on specified days
  3. Can board horses at $350/month = $1,400 monthly income
  4. School field trips to teach about animal care and to interact with them
  5. Monthly contributors
  6. Continued online fundraising, such as online auctions, Amazon store, online fundraisers with Pampered Chef, Avon and Scentsy
  7. Annual Gala, numerous outdoor events such as farmer's markets, events geared towards animals, Pet Expo, adoption events, etc.
  8. T shirt, bumper stickers, and car magnet sales
  9. Annual calendar featuring rescued animals from the sanctuary
  10. Photography fundraisers such as Pictures With Santa, Fall Harvest, Spring Fling, Winter Wanderland, etc.
  11. Huge garage sales to which many people usually donate items to sell, once or twice per year
  12. A Paw's Cause 5K walk/run
  13. Dog & Cat long term boarding
  14. Dog & Cat day care
  15. Grooming
  16. Training classes
  17. Corporate supporters

When I  think of all the animals who are killed for no good reason other than 'space' or the sniffles it break my heart!  Bigger dogs, especially black ones, are typically the first to be put down.  My sanctuary will have big and black dogs running all over the place!!!  They can come here to stay until they are adopted OR for the rest of their lives.  Three legged dogs and cats, blind animals, hard to adopt animals will all find a home here!  Farm animals who have been starved or mistreated can come here to live out their lives as well.  Obviously this will be NO KILL facility.I will ALWAYS have tons of pictures and videos for all my friends around the world to see. And my doors will be open on certain days and times for the public to come visit the animals.Of course, volunteers will be welcomed EVERY DAY!  :) 

We have several opportunities for people who want to help the animals and this rescue. 
  • Adoption events
  • Fundraising events
  • Procurement committee
  • Marketing
  • Community outreach
  • Newsletters
  • Drive animals to vet appointments
  • Assist with photographing the animals
  • Assist with transporting dogs from kill shelters to safety of rescue
  • Assist with processing applications, i.e. checking references, home visits
  • Assist with bathing and grooming incoming dogs
  • Return certain rescue phone calls
  • Long term planning for the rescue, i.e. new building, land, etc.
  • Input receipts into Quickbooks
  • Gala 2014 planning committee
  • Need a professional rendering of our rescue center
Volunteer Interest Form

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ALL Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.

You can help support ALL Creatures Matter Rescue by making a much needed donation. Vet bills are high, feeding costs are high and we are trying to secure a building and land so we can save more dogs.  If you would like to be part of this, make a donation and volunteer.  We need the help!

Note: If you do not have a Paypal account, simply click "CONTINUE" in the bottom left corner.

Did you know when you adopt a rescue dog
that you are actually saving TWO lives? 

You're saving the one you adopt AND
a homeless pet that now has room in a rescue.

Web Site

Fosters are VIPs!  They are precious to me and I consider them HEROES!
Fostering animals can be a very rewarding experience. You get the love and companionship of an animal until they are placed with a carefully screened, caring permanent home. You also get the first option of adoption if you find you just cannot part with them. This is so rewarding because you provide a home, care, and comfort to an animal who would otherwise be killed in a shelter somewhere. And that feels wonderful! There is nothing like a rescue dog. It's as if they know they've been saved and they are so grateful and loving. It's quite a wonderful experience. 

Benefits of Fostering

  • You save a dog's life
  • You have a companionship even though you cannot make a permanent commitment
  • It doesn’t cost you much.  Just some time and food.  The rescue pays for all vet fees.
  • You get a rewarding sense of  fulfillment for saving that life
  • The dog may become better behaved, giving him a greater chance at a lifetime home
  • You will gain experience in caring for and training a pet
  • You become a part of the ALL Creatures Matter family

Of course, there are some cons

  • The dog you take in may not be a ‘perfect’ dog.  It likely came from a shelter or a puppy mill and may need more attention than most. 
  • Patience is required for training and for teaching some of the dogs to trust people
  • It requires someone to be home most of the time and to be dedicated to helping the dog learn
  • You may fall in love and be sad when it leaves

The benefits of fostering a dog in need far outweigh the downside.  You will be part of taking a dog from death row to a fur-ever home.  Imagine the feeling of saving a life and then helping that dog to become the best it can be and watching it go to a loving home.  It is unbelievably rewarding!  If you are willing to take this on, contact me and together we will make it happen. There is a dog RIGHT NOW that needs your help.


Simply complete the application and email to angie@allcreaturesmatter.org

Donald's Handy WorkIS THIS WORK TOO HARD?

Some days I wonder how I got into this. Dogs running around in all directions, barking, whining, peeing and fighting; giving them one bath after another; separating the alpha males; chasing the one that got loose in the neighborhood and refuses to come! Then there are some who like to chew on things like furniture, books and knick knacks; tearing up every single dog toy and 'de-stuffing' it; carrying laundry, shoes, purses and remote controls into the backyard; jumping on my furniture; soiling their crates; then I'm walking the yard cleaning up all the brown 'presents' they left.  It feels like it's almost constant cleaning up after dogs! The carpet cleaner has become a permanent fixture in my living room. And then comes feeding time, major chaos with dogs fighting to get someone else's food before they're locked in their crates to eat in peace. I can't forget about the dog bite that got infected and ran up my medical bills.  All the money spent on vet bills, dog food, cleaning products, medicines and various dog supplies is mind boggling! Times like these are frustrating and challenging. One day during such an episode, someone who was there with me looked at me in frustration and said "Is this really worth it?”  I hesitated, looked around at them, took a deep breath and said "Yes! Yes, it's worth it. They are alive and happy and that's what matters!" with a smile on my face.

Yes! It is worth it. It may sound rough but it's not so bad considering lives are being saved and dogs are being made healthy and happy. Nothing worth having comes easy and that includes this type of work. But for the first time in my life, I see the reward of a job well done that I think is actually fulfilling.  It's a beautiful thing when a sick dog finally gets better and you know he's going to survive; or when one of them looks at you with their sweet eyes, wags their tails and wants nothing more than to give you a wet kiss and let you know they love you.

Yes, they are definitely worth it.

2013 Dog Daze & WoofStock benefiting the Hamilton County Humane Society

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they
would depict the devil in human form. ”
- William Ralph Inge (1860-1954)

Arfpocalypse was held on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013 at Klipsche Music Ctr in Noblesville, IN.  It was slated to be the state's largest adoption event bringing much awareness to homeless dogs in need.  We were also going for the Guinness World Record for most costumed dogs in one place.  The record is just over 1,300 and I thought we would DOUBLE that!  Unfortunately we came in at 835.  Far short of what was expected.  Very disappointed in the Hoosiers who didn't come out to support this and bring about worldwide attention to rescue dogs.  I hope you will ALL show up next year!  There were many vendor booths, free giveaways, things to purchase, food and a concert by Here Come the Mummies.  Let's not forget all the wonderful canines who tolerated us humans dressing them in goofy gear that they didn't understand. Rudy Patooty especially wondered why he, being such a 'he man', was dressed as a fairy.  But he looked so cute!
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